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Friends Of Bailee offers a unique grooming experience to owners and dogs alike! At the studio, we strive to create a calm environment to keep our clients as relaxed and comfortable as possible during their time with us!  We achieve this by booking each dog their own appointment time so they get one-on-one attention, restricting the use of scary cage dryers,  and always giving lots of praise, patience, and love to the pups ( & maybe a couple of treats too!).




Brush out, Bath w/ personalized shampoo and conditioner, Blow dry, Nails Trimmed, Gland Expression*, Ear Cleaning, A Bow or Bandana, & Lots Of Love!


Prices starting at just $40

*Done by request on dogs 30 lbs. and up

Bath & Trim


Includes everything in our "Bath" in addition to a sanitary trim, paw pad trim, shaping of the legs, feet, and hocks! (No trim on body hair)

(Perfect for golden retrievers, corgis, long haired chihuahuas and more!)


Prices starting at $50

Full Groom

Includes a cut and style to fit your dog's lifestyle (and owner's liking) in addition to everything listed in our bath!


Prices starting at $65



Please note that not all dogs are the same and prices vary by dog (Behavior, size, condition, etc.) Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email for a quote!

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A La Carte Services & Add-ons

Nail trim: $20 & up (depending on behavior)

Ear cleaning: $15

Gland Expression: $20

Teeth brushing: $5

Matted pet hair fee: $15 & Up

Flea fee: $10 & Up

Zymox Medicated shampoo (Great for itchy skin): $5

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